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Serving you from Lincoln Boulevard in Venice, CA, Venice Beach Care Center procures exquisite cannabis flowers and a stunning array of medical marijuana products with a hard dose of only-in-Venice authenticity.


Consistently at the vanguard of medical cannabis collectives in California, Venice Beach Care Center first opened our doors to qualified patients in 2006.  Today, we are the premier Prop-D Pre-ICO collective of Venice Beach and the West Side. 

From the very beginning we have been selecting high quality cannabis flowers, products, plants, and accessories to offer our loyal patients and the Greater Los Angeles community from our convenient location on Lincoln Boulevard. 

Always top shelf, always screened by our professional staff, Venice Beach Care Center's commitment to excellence in cannabis flower and marijuana-derived products means that you know your medicine and are confident in its therapeutic effect.

Interested in using cannabis in sports medicine, or as a supplement to your wellness routine? Our expertly trained staff are dedicated to providing equally top tier consultation on product selection and marijuana product use. Our dispensary staff stands by our hand crafted flowers, candies, tinctures, oil cartridges, concentrates and cutting-edge new market products. Leave the selection to us and we'll bring the best to you. 


It will always be a good time in Venice. Which is the point of the place.
— Alan Cole





410 Lincoln Blvd.
Venice, CA 90291



Monday - Saturday 10-8
Sunday 11-7


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It’s America’s global village - a place where the visitor becomes part of the spectrum of what is happening. It’s all about sharing talents, skills, music, food and art. A message in a bottle of what California is all about.
— Marc Madow

Venice Beach Care Center 


With a mission to bring the highest quality medication to qualified patients in the classic Southern California community of Venice Beach, compassion has been our watchword from the beginning. In addition to providing FULL and EQUAL ACCESS to all regardless of identity, age, or gender, our collective is fully ADA compliant and accessible.

Venice Beach Care Center is a consumers' collective organization formed to donate and exchange labor, materials, money, and knowledge to assist the ill and disabled in cultivating, receiving, consuming, and trading medical cannabis. The purpose of the collective shall be:

A. To provide Members with a safe and reliable facility to leave, receive, and trade medical cannabis for alternative pain relief in a clean and peaceful environment.

B. To provide its Members with clean, organic, high quality cannabis with affordable prices by utilizing our united funds and efforts for the acquisition and consumption of those goods, and the performance of services and such other activities as will benefit the Members.

C. To supplement traditional medicine with natural medicine to provide relief from pain and suffering.

- Venice Beach Care Center Charter, 2006

As our collective has matured our mission has also grown. We are constantly seeking out new scientific extraction techniques, improving quality and safety of our flowers and ingestible products, and creating vibrant community around our evolving understanding of cannabis as medicine. Today, VBCC is a conduit for the best therapeutic cannabis brands on the California market. 

Further, VBCC has committed itself to community service and activism. Our marijuana dispensary is a UFCW Local 770 Union Shop since 2012. The collective has consistently passed accreditation with and been an active member of the Greater Los Angeles Collective Alliance [GLACA]. We also proudly support the Muscle Beach Toy Drive each year. 

Do you have a question or consultation need? Please speak with our educated collective staff or call with any inquiries regarding cannabis consumption or the products carried in our collective.

Do you have a media question, interview request, or political or activist related query? Call our corporate office at 213-267-8153. 

The allure of Venice Beach is the relative freedom which still exists there. It doesn’t have the most beautiful sand or ocean. It doesn’t have anything unique except its freedom and its tradition of this freedom.
— Marc Madow

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I might love a man, but I love Venice more.
— Anna Haag

Our amazing staff is the foundation of our collective. 

Nothing Happens without THem.

What can we say about basically the best people ever? 

They are the faces you'll be coming back for. Our staff is an incredible wealth of knowledge about medical marijuana, and are committed to understanding and compassionate service to their community. We all know that we wouldn't be here but for our patients. 

Let us develop the relationship that you've always wanted with your cannabis collective. From talking personal propagation and giving advice about the best way to handle unwanted side effects, to letting you in on our amazing deals calendar and the perks of membership, your first phone-a-friend is the VBCC staff. 

Not only do our staff members undergo thorough pre-employment screening, but they devote themselves to rigorous training in their first months as well as continuing education and enrichment to provide the best service possible.

Are you interested in becoming a patient consultant at our collective? Call and ask for Human Resources, and we would be happy to let you know if there are positions available and give you an idea of the interview process to become a VBCC cannabis guru. 

The boardwalk is like the beating heart of America. You can be normal; you can be strange. It’s so rad.
— Sean O’Keefe

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This is the end. This is as far as you can go. After this it all starts over again.
— Tony Hendra looking out over the Pacific