Our amazing staff is the foundation of our collective. 

Nothing Happens without THem.

What can we say about basically the best people ever? 

They are the faces you'll be coming back for. Our staff is an incredible wealth of knowledge about medical marijuana, and are committed to understanding and compassionate service to their community. We all know that we wouldn't be here but for our patients. 

Let us develop the relationship that you've always wanted with your cannabis collective. From talking personal propagation and giving advice about the best way to handle unwanted side effects, to letting you in on our amazing deals calendar and the perks of membership, your first phone-a-friend is the VBCC staff. 

Not only do our staff members undergo thorough pre-employment screening, but they devote themselves to rigorous training in their first months as well as continuing education and enrichment to provide the best service possible.

Are you interested in becoming a patient consultant at our collective? Call and ask for Human Resources, and we would be happy to let you know if there are positions available and give you an idea of the interview process to become a VBCC cannabis guru. 

The boardwalk is like the beating heart of America. You can be normal; you can be strange. It’s so rad.
— Sean O’Keefe